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12 PM Saturday July 31

Are you guys seeing what I see ?

6 PM Sunday July 25
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11 AM Sunday July 25
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8 AM Tuesday July 20


10 PM Sunday July 18
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Gotta catch em all?

10 PM Tuesday July 13

@junkbite @psqnt feedback: Profiles show only ten posts and do not allow to load more, even the dashboard number says only ten posts unlike the Followers and Following which are precise I believe.

4 PM Tuesday July 13
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Which "The Weeknd" are you right now?

4 PM Tuesday July 13

Where are your funds?

1 PM Tuesday July 13
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Why do different wallet softwares use different derrivation paths for adresses? I mean in the structure: Ledger Live uses m/84'/0'/1'/0/0 but for example Mycelium uses m/84'/0'/0'/0'/1 which makes them hard to use together. What are your solutions for safe and easy to use setups?

6 PM Monday July 12
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